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It’s Raining Rescue Kittens in Phoenix & We Need Your Help!
Director of Communications
February 27, 2019

That’s right, the kittens are coming! Although it may sound sweet and downright adorable the reality is far from a happy occasion because it means it is breeding season for the unspayed stray and feral female cat population in Phoenix.

Soon these felines will be pregnant and bringing kittens into the world without a home or safe place to give birth.

It also means that there are going to be hundreds of brand new kittens for us to rescue and adopt into loving homes.

So, we’re having a Kitten Shower fundraiser to help us support all of the newborn kittens that will soon be arriving!

What’s a Kitten Shower?

What’s a Kitten Shower you ask? Good question! A Kitten Shower is kind of like a baby shower but you donate “gifts” to support the rescue of baby kitties!

March and April are kitten season and there will be a tremendous influx of neonatal and young kittens in need. It takes a lot of food, kitten formula, blankets, and dedicated humans to feed and care for these innocent, helpless babies.

Did you know that out of the 800 felines we rescued in 2018 six hundred and forty of them were kittens? That’s a LOT of kitty supplies!

Kitten season in Arizona is overwhelming emotionally and financially for Saving One Life because of the enormous number of kittens that are born each season. Rescuing and caring for so many babies requires the support of our local communities here in Phoenix and also in our Rancho Bernardo, California location.

We do our best to save as many of the kittens as we can with the generous aid and support of our Volunteers and donors.

We Owe It All to Our Volunteers and Donors

Kitten season is a rewarding and exhausting time for our dedicated volunteer foster families because pregnant momma’s require around the clock attention. We’re grateful for all of their hard work and devotion to rescuing and nurturing these stray and feral kittens.

Our Adoption Center volunteers ensure that our rescued kittens are tended to and cared for once they are old enough to go into our Petsmart adoption center locations. These are the happy, helpful people you meet when you visit our adoption centers.

We are also eternally grateful to our Donors that provide financial support by donating cash and supplies to support our mission to give every cat and kitten a loving forever home. Without the continued generosity of our benefactors we wouldn’t be able to rescue and home so many deserving kitties.

You Can Help Us Rescue Kittens in Phoenix

You can help us rescue and care for these babies by supporting our Kitten Shower in March and April! Below are all the deets you need to show your love for Phoenix rescue kittens

Here’s How You Can Help

We are looking for businesses and individuals to help make our Kitten Shower fundraiser a success.


  1. Grab a flyer at participating businesses and shop away!
    1. Stop by the store, grab a few items and bring them back to go in the collection box.
    2. Skip the store and shop online at:  bit.ly/KittenShowerWishList
  2. Help us by passing the information on to a friend.
  3. Donate online at www.savingonelife.org/donate and select Kitten Shower from the list.


Are you a business, or do you know a business that might be willing to host a kitten shower supply drive to benefit the kitties in our care?

The Business / Employer must:

  1. Agree to place a donation box (provided by us) in common area during March and April
  2. Distribute flyers about the shower needs (provided by us)
  3. Notify us when the donation box needs to be emptied

Would you be willing to talk to your work or local businesses about this easy way to support kitten season?

At Saving One Life, our mission is to:

  • Provide shelter and medical care to stray, abandoned and surrendered felines for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes who were at great risk for euthanasia.
  • Participate in the greater community’s effort to reduce overpopulation by providing TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) opportunities.
  • Provide education regarding the need to spay and neuter pets, vaccinate regularly and other pet parent responsibilities.

Adopt, Don't Shop

Please adopt, don’t shop! You can find a list of our adoptable cats and kittens below

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