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How Adopting a Furry Friend Turned into the Dream of a Kitty Café
Director of Communications
December 21, 2020

I met Marsha four years ago when she fell in love with a cutie pie kitten named Greyson, one of our rescued strays. Happily for Greyson, but sadly for Marsha, I had to tell her that Greyson’s family had been found, and he was headed home. It wasn’t the news that Marsha was hoping to hear. Still, Marsha’s adoption application showed she was a perfect adoption candidate–a wonderful home for any cat in need–so, of course, I hoped that she would consider a different fabulous feline in our rescue.

Finding the Purrfect Match

I encouraged Marsha to work with us to find the perfect “meant-to-be” feline for her family. She agreed, and over the next few weeks, Marsha adopted Hardy (now Hadley), and he is definitely spoiled.

Marsha continued to stop by the center, donating needed items and showing us happy pictures of her sweet boy Hadley who scored big-time!

Hadley taking a snooze

One Furry Friend Wasn’t Enough

Fast forward to early 2017, and Marsha adopted Freya (now Sheba) and Itsa. You may remember Itsa because she had a rare condition called a Vascular Ring Anomaly and required surgery that cost $3500. There were no other options to the surgery, and there were risks involved, but Itsa came through it beautifully, and after a few months of training her to eat with her bowls elevated, Itsa was ready to go to her forever home.

Marsha was ready to take Itsa home right away, but we had not experienced Itsa’s medical condition before, and we wanted to make sure we did everything we could to ensure her a long, healthy life. Marsha waited so patiently to bring this beautiful, loving girl home. Itsa continues to live her best life because Marsha was willing to take the risk of adopting a special needs kitty.

And Then There Was Fiji

But wait! I haven’t told you about Fiji (now Harley), who came to our rescue with several other Polynesian named kitties. Their mom took excellent care of them, but early on, it was clear that something wasn’t quite right with Fiji. He did not move/grow the same way his siblings did.

We consulted numerous veterinarians to determine what exactly caused Fiji to be mobility challenged, and a few different diagnoses were suggested. All the neurologists agreed Fiji’s condition was not going to change. Fiji might learn to adapt or regain some movement/control, but the damage was done. Mind you, none of Fiji’s siblings had mobility challenges, and nothing showed up in the testing.

Raising Special Needs Kitties is Hard But Rewarding

Fiji needs a dedicated space because although he knows when he needs to use the litter box, he can’t hold himself to use it. He is not an “easy” cat to have but an easy cat to love. Fiji is in a great foster home where he has many opportunities to build his muscles and work on his mobility.

Marsha adopted Fiji and has continued to make great strides with him. If not for Marsha, I am sure that Fiji would still be in the foster home as part of our sanctuary program because adopting out a cat who cannot walk normally and cannot use a litter box is difficult. Marsha saw Fiji’s will, his personality, and she was willing to give him a future full of hope and opportunity.

Fiji being eaten by a pineapple

A Door Closes and a Cat Cafe Opens

Marsha could have retired and chosen to travel, golf, or any other post-retirement options that most retirees do. Instead, she decided to pursue a passion that is as selfless as she has proven to be many times before.

Marsha’s love for felines has inspired her to open the Kitty Pause Cat Cafe, and she has welcomed Saving One Life to be her rescue partner! This is not only a dream come true for Marsha but for everyone here at Saving One Life!

Many cats thrive in an environment that mirrors a home and we’re always looking for new opportunities to get the word out about our rescue animals. Marsha is inviting us to highlight some of our fabulous felines’ awesomeness in an environment conducive to their personalities and needs. Marsha has asked Saving One Life for nothing in return for this fantastic opportunity.

Months of Work to Build a Dream

Marsha has spent months working on opening Kitty Pause Cat Café. She hasn’t allowed COVID-19 to discourage her, but it certainly has put a wrench in the works for obvious reasons.

Marsha selected a fabulous, convenient location off the US-60 and SR-101 in the heart of Dobson Ranch, and a short distance from Mesa Community College. We don’t doubt that the neighborhood will embrace Kitty Pause whole-heartedly.

As we approach the opening, we’ll be looking for volunteers to assist with the kitties, but in the meantime, we are hoping you might consider helping to make this dream come to fruition.

We All Need a Little Help Sometimes

Marsha has set up a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds to open the Kitty Pause Cat Cafe. We hope you’ll consider donating!

YOU can help make Kitty Pause Cat Cafe a reality! Thank you on behalf of all the cats of Saving One Life for considering this request. Hope to see you at Kitty Pause Cat Cafe soon!

Carrie Neidorf, Executive Director and Cat Mom

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