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COVID-19 Response
Director of Saving One Life
April 20, 2020

As COVID has taken our world by storm in every way, it has had a huge impact on our rescue.  When shelters were forced to close to ensure the safety and well-being of their volunteers and staff, it created a huge gap in services and assistance to both animals and individuals in need.

Rescue Response

Insert rescues! Rescues across the valley stepped in and up to help those in need.  We at Saving One Life increased our rescue capacity with 50 new fosters in Arizona and ten in California.  We increased our food assistance program as well as extended our veterinary relief services to those in need.

Everyone was in a state of shock and fear and we wanted to ease the burden where we could.

We took extreme caution in how we operated so that our dedicated volunteers were safe in every circumstance.

When needed,we  have closed the adoption centers to animals but thankfully our current process allows our adoption centers to be open to our adoptable felines.

Currently, our adoption center volunteers are spaced out by three hours at minimum.  Additionally extra sanitary precautions are in place to keep all the volunteers safe.

Visitors are currently not permitted in our centers but we look forward to that changing once our country has met acceptable standards and minimal herd immunity as determined by the CDC and NIH.

For those interested in adopting, you are welcome to view our adoptable kitties online (insert link) or from the center windows.  The felines welcome your greetings through the glass.  

We are happy to schedule a time for you to meet the animals you are interested in once an approved application has been processed.  We are taking extra precautions when potential adopters are present to allow them adequate time to interact with the animals they are interested in while also having access to information and guidance by our adoption coordinators.

We are happy to assist any potential adopters who wish to welcome a canine or feline into their home!

Adopt, Don't Shop

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