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Tails of HOPE Medical Fund

Our foster families devote their time, resources and homes to caring for our very special rescued cats and kittens.  It is through their boundless empathy that we bond, and consequently love, every one of our foster families, intertwining their lives with ours.

The Austin Family

The Austin Family exemplified this quality and understood the importance of Saving One Life’s mission, incorporating our goals into their everyday values and routines.   Initially connecting with our organization as adopters and ultimately as fosters, the Austin’s (a family of four) became a cherished branch of Saving One Life.

Beyond rescuing cats and kittens, the Austin Family volunteered countless hours supporting key functions critical to our success.  In short, Saving One Life and our mission of rescuing abandoned felines became a family affair for The Austin Family, one that epitomized the heart and soul of our organization.

While they may not have been monetarily rich, the Austin’s possessed an abundant wealth of compassion and selflessness and gave all that they could to save precious feline lives.  Devastatingly, fate had a different plan for The Austin Family when, on April 22, 2016, an automobile accident claimed the lives of Christopher, the six-year old son and Ashley, the 27-year old wife and mother.

Stricken with grief and saddened by the loss, we at Saving One Life searched for a way to bolster support for our rescue mission, while honoring the incredible and truly special Austin Family.  As such, Ashley and Christopher, as well as the entire Austin Family, have been memorialized through our newly minted Austin Family “Tails of HOPE (Helping Our Pets Endure) Medical Fund”.  Through this fund, we celebrate Ashley’s and Christopher’s lives as well as their selfless service and dedication to our philanthropic cause.

Our Animals in Need

Each of these animals have different challenges, different things to overcome but what they have in common is the perseverance to do so.  You can find more about each of the animals that have graduated of the Tails of HOPE program.

Current Animals In Tails of HOPE Program

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Animals Who Graduated from Tails of HOPE

Our Rescue, Our Mission

At Saving One Life, we are laser focused on rescuing abandoned and surrendered felines and canines, particularly those at greatest risk for euthanasia.   Whether we accomplish this through community outreach, population control or by matching our animals to permanent adoptive families, we strive to find every one of our cats or kittens their “forever homes”.   Understanding the challenges of operating a non-profit organization with a mission as specific as ours, we cannot overstate the importance of our volunteers who support Saving One Life from all over the country.  Our altruistic family of fosters and donors are vital to fulfilling our never-ending goal of securing the safety of at-risk felines.

As many of you know, Saving One Life covers major medical costs while caring for our rescued cats and kittens.  Such costs often exceed donations, leaving many of our felines-in-need in precarious situations until we can raise the funds necessary to treat their injuries, birth defects or illnesses.  Some, but not all of the medical procedures Saving One Life covers are:  surgeries (i.e.  emergency spay, eye enucleation, eyelid repair); broken bones and birth deformities such as cleft palates (Anastasia), eyelid agenesis (Felis) and luxating patellas (Butterscotch).  Unfortunately, our historical donations, while greatly appreciated and critical to our daily operations, have not sufficiently fulfilled the rising cost of surgery and other veterinary procedures.

Saving One Life invites you to celebrate the tremendous spirit of Ashely and Christopher Austin by donating to the Austin Family Memorial “Tails of HOPE Medical Fund”.  No donation or effort is too small and by simply spreading the word of this truly special memorial fund, we can ensure a safe and healthy future for our most in-need felines as we search for their “forever home”.  All funds generated from this fund will go directly for the major medical needs of the felines in our care.

We thank you for your time and consideration.  Please visit the link on this page if you would like to donate to this terrific cause.

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