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About Saving One Life

At Saving One Life Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, our mission is to protect and provide for at-risk companion animals through adoption, sanctuary, colony management, collaboration, and outreach with an unwavering commitment to a never-kill philosophy.

We are a Volunteer Run, Non-Profit, Never-Kill Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

Established in 2009, Saving One Life is a volunteer-run, foster-based, never-kill animal rescue serving canines and felines in need throughout Arizona and Southern California. 

As a never-kill rescue, we provide all veterinary intervention needed for the animals in our care.  We only consider euthanasia when all other medical options are exhausted (i.e., end-of-life–terminal cancer, end-stageend stage renal failure) and when it is in the best interest of the animal in our care.

The Animals We Save and the Communities We Serve

We save cats and dogs of all types that are either abandoned or at-risk for euthanasia. We welcome animals from local shelters throughout Arizona and Southern California, owner surrenders, and through TNR.

How We Help Rescue Cats and Dogs

Every one of our adoptable animals is placed in a loving foster home. 

All Adoptable animals are thoroughly vetted before being placed for adoption. Vetting This includes at a minimum: 

    Behavioral Assessment
    Spay / Neuter
    Species-relevant Testing

    All feral cats are trapped, neutered, and returned (TNR).  We ensure each colony has a caregiver to provide food.  any Trapped cats that require additional services (i.e., dental, enucleation, etc.) are given medical care at the time of spay or neuter.

    We’re Grateful for Our Veterinary Partners

    We are fortunate to partner with several great veterinary clinics.  We highly recommend these clinics as excellent and caring professionals!

    Arizona Partners

    California Partners

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