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Adoption Centers

We have seven PetSmart adoption centers in Arizona (one in Ahwatukee, two in Chandler, one in NE Mesa, one in Phoenix, two in Tempe, AZ) and one in Escondido, California. We are always in need of volunteers who can donate one to two hours (or more) every week or every month.

The majority of your time you will focus the time on:

  • Playful interaction and cuddles with the kitties

  • Light cleaning of each kennel (food, water, litter, etc.)

  • Showing cats to potential adopters and interacting with the public

Training is provided for all volunteers. You can submit our volunteer application online.

Adoption Events

Several times throughout the year, Saving One Life participates in adoption events. These events require us to have several additional volunteers to ensure everything goes smoothly. Whether you want to entertain the kitties present or answer questions from the public, your time will be put to good use. Adoption events happen approximately every three to four months. Volunteers are scheduled in two to four hour segments. The majority of events are on weekends. You must have completed a Volunteer Application and training to assist.

Foster Families

In order to remove an animal from one of the euthanasia lists, we need a safe and loving place for the cat to stay. Our foster families are essential to our success as a rescue. We provide food, litter, and medical care for the foster feline in your care. You provide them a place to recoup and be loved as well as help assess their personalities so that they can find the right home. Kittens typically are in foster for 4-6 weeks. Adult cats are typically in foster for 2 – 4 weeks. Behavioral cases or special needs cases may require longer if you are able to commit. You can submit your foster family application online.

Animal Transport

Because the cats we rescue often come from the euthanasia lists, vet visits are a must. From time to time, we need assistance in transporting the cats to and from the vet. We also may require assistance transporting animals from another facility (such as the pound or humane society) to our foster homes.

Colony Cat Care

We provide nightly feedings at over 70 community cat colonies in the east valley in Arizona.  We are always in need of dedicated individuals to help feed these stray / feral felines in need.  Food is provided.  If interested, please apply and we’ll match you with colonies that match your availability and location.

Additional Questions?

Have questions about volunteering? Have a new idea to tell us? Great! Just contact us at or 602-715-2700.

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