Kitten Care Program

As a foster based rescue, we are limited by the number of homes we have assisting us as volunteers. During kitten season we often receive multiple phone calls and messages requesting assistance with either found kittens or owner surrendered kittens. The only way we are able to assist is if you are willing to foster for a period of time.

On a case-by-case basis we may be able to accept kittens or mothers and kittens into our program. We will consider taking a litter of kittens once they are properly weaned from their mother, if the following conditions can be met.

  • Mother cat and kittens must test negative for feline leukemia and feline aids – if you are provisionally accepted into this program, the testing will be done at our cost.

  • All kittens must be surrendered to the rescue to ensure that every one is spayed or neutered. If you would like to keep one of the kittens, then you must be willing to pay for the spay or neuter done (which may be done at our discounted clinics).

  • You must be able to care for the kittens in your home until they all weigh two pounds – this is the weight a kitten can be altered at and you must foster them until then.

  • You must be able to keep the kittens and mother cat indoors only.

  • You must adequately socialize the kittens during this period so that they are able to find homes.

  • All kittens must be under 10 weeks of age by time of admission to our program.

  • If mother cat is feral or semi-feral, you must be able to safely return her to her colony after she is spayed.

  • You must allow for the mother cat to be spayed after weaning the kittens to have a good rate of survival without a nursing mother cat.

As a part of acceptance to our kitten care program, we will supply you with kitten food, veterinary care for the kittens, and the mother cat will be spayed and blood tested at our cost.

  • If you are able to do those things and need assistance please contact

  • We do not have bottle feeder foster parents which means we cannot care for animals who do not have their teeth or cannot eat on their own. The best chance for a “found kitten” of that size is to be back with its mother cat even if that means putting it back outside where you found it. These kittens do not thrive when removed from their mama cat at too early of an age and often times do not survive.

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