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Foster Agreement Contract

Fostering is both a challenging and rewarding task. We will provide the necessary information and support that you need to perform your duties. You can reach us by email or phone.  If it is urgent, always call!  The first rule of fostering is: “Don’t panic!”

I/We, , hereby agree to the following statements as a Saving One Life (SOL) foster:

  • Keep personal pets current on vaccinations and spayed/neutered unless there is a medical reason why the animal cannot be spayed / neutered or vaccinated (Provide explanation and/or doctor’s note if this is the case.).
  • Ensure healthcare needs of personal animals is met and maintain a healthy environment for all animals including but not limited to following quarantine protocol. SOL will not be held responsible for personal animal vet bills.
  • Provide for general care of foster animals in the home. This includes but is not limited to food, water, medication when needed and approved by leadership, grooming, exercise, play time, and a safe, clean environment. We encourage fosters to interact with their animals as much as possible and socialize them daily.
  • Keep felines indoors at all times.
  • Provide access to my home for home inspection before my application to foster is approved and upon random inspection during term of fostering.
  • Provide foster care to my foster animal for an extended and indefinite period of time. I agree that the period covered by this agreement is the entire time during which I have custody of my foster animal(s).
  • Take foster animal to approved / designated veterinarian for required procedures and / or when ill or injured. Authorization for veterinary care must be approved in writing prior to any appointment or procedure. Payment for unauthorized veterinary care shall be the foster’s financial responsibility.
  • Comply with medical protocols established in resource documents and tracking forms. This includes following vaccine protocol, testing for FeLV / FIV as well as microchipping.  If procedures are not followed and additional cost is incurred by the rescue, the foster shall be expected to reimburse the rescue (e.g. having cat microchipped at Homeward Bound versus by SOL).  If foster lives more than 20 miles from director, microchipping and / or testing can be done at time of alter with SOL provided supplies.  Use of non-SOL supplies shall be charged to the foster.
  • Make foster animal available for adoption in a timely manner once the animal is spayed / neutered and vaccinated. Animal should be placed in adoption center with 48 hours of notice of placement.
  • Provide update as to the health / well-being / status of the animal including weights each Sunday.
  • Send Animal Bio Form with photos to director 3 days prior to alter appointment. Failure to do so will delay posting and adoption.
  • Notify director if foster animal becomes seriously ill immediately via phone or if you are having difficulties with a foster animal.
  • If at any point I can no longer or no longer want to provide care of my foster animal, I shall contact the rescue to arrange surrender of said animal.
  • Notify director at least seven (7) days in advance if going out of town and / or need temporary removal of foster animal.
  • Shall not transfer any animal to any other person unless authorized in writing by SOL representative.
  • Shall not promise or commit any animal in her/his care to a potential adopter. Potential adopters must be screened thoroughly by the rescue prior to any potential adoption. Potential adopters are welcome to apply to adopt prior to animal being ready.
  • Shall not release any animal to anyone other than the rescue organization prior to spaying or neutering including possible adopters. If adoption ready, may not release without prior written authorization by SOL.
  • Shall not provide my personal contact information to adopter or obtain personal contact information of adopter. No contact is to be had between the foster and the adopter unless expressly agreed upon by director.
  • If I wish to adopt the foster animal, I must complete adoption application and if approved, agree to terms of contract as well as pay adoption fee.
  • Understand that only leadership at SOL may authorize the intake of any dog or cat from a shelter or the public.
  • Submit supply request form weekly by required day and email address. Late orders will delay receipt of supplies.
  • If circumstances develop whereby I am unable to give the best possible care to the foster animal, I/we shall surrender the animal back to SOL. However, since SOL does not have a shelter or boarding facility and I/we must allow SOL the time and flexibility to find another foster home.
  • Shall not take in foster animals for other rescues or shelters. This is to avoid the spread of disease through different rescues and for the safety of the animals (including your own!). If you would like to foster for a different rescue, notification and surrender of the current animals must be done before starting with the other organization unless agreed in writing with SOL.
  • Shall Not share in any way information shared via email, phone, fax, social media or other forms specifically for SOL fosters and / or volunteers. This includes but is not limited to:  resource guides, forms, dosing instructions and anything discussed in the Facebook group for fosters.
  • Support and promote the mission of SOL in any way possible that is in agreement with the mission, policy and procedures and other governing documents of SOL.

Thank you so much for fostering for SOL. Without fosters, saving lives would be impossible. We do not have a facility and run solely with the support of loving foster parents.

Please review the disclosure below and sign should you agree.

As a Foster Care Provider of at least 18 years of age, I agree to abide by the above policies and procedures. I hold harmless SOL for any incurred damage to my home by the animal(s), any disease(s) that my personal pets may contract from this animal(s), and physical injuries incurred by me, my guests or personal pets.  Failure to comply may result in immediate dismissal from my role in SOL.


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Signed by Carrie Neidorf
Signed On: August 27, 2021

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