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Adoption Finalization Contract

Document: SOL-AFC-2021-01

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By checking each box, I/We, the adopter(S) agree(s) to the following:

Remit the required adoption fee. If the above-mentioned cat is returned to Saving One Life (also known as SOL) within 14 days, the adoption fee (less $50) will be refunded if said animal is returned in the same physical and mental condition as when adopted. I / We agrees to return the above-mentioned cat to Saving One Life at my / our expense giving at least 72 hours’ notice so proper arrangements can be made.

Maintain commitment to the above-mentioned cat which may be for 15+ years. I / We will not abandon, dispose of or surrender the above-mentioned cat to an animal shelter or rescue. Should I/we be unable to care and/or keep the above-mentioned cat, I/we agree to contact Saving One Life immediately to determine if Saving One Life can intake the above-mentioned cat. I / we agree that the above-mentioned cat will not be abandoned due to a move.

NEVER declaw the above-mentioned cat for any reason. I / we understand and agree that declawing is inhumane. It is the equivalent of cutting off each finger at the last knuckle of a human. If scratching becomes an issue, I / we will return the above-mentioned cat to Saving One Life.

Keep the above-mentioned cat inside at all times. Failure to do so could cause the above-mentioned cat to meet an untimely death (predators include: coyotes, hawks, owls, cars, etc.).

Saving One Life is not making any representations or warranties of any kind about the condition, personality, or temperament of the above-mentioned cat, future behavior, breed or appearance.

Saving One Life is not responsible if the above-mentioned cat bites, scratches and / or harms any animal, person or property.

Observing, interacting and examining the above-mentioned cat. I/ We believe the above-mentioned cat to be healthy and accept responsibility for all related expenses to future veterinary, grooming and other needs of the above-mentioned cat. Saving One Life is not responsible for any future expenses related to the above-mentioned cat.

Provide proper food, fresh water, appropriate medical attention, socialization and training, regular preventative veterinary care as well as additional care to preserve the well-being and health of the the above-mentioned cat.

Saving One Life reserves the right to follow up on this adoption and physically check the the above-mentioned cat’s well-being and communicate with and obtain medical records from your veterinarian.

Saving One Life may reclaim the above-mentioned cat on demand and without refund if any of the conditions are not met.

Notify your veterinarian of the recent adoption of the above-mentioned cat; provide a copy of the Pet Record Document found in your adoption folder and I / we acknowledge that I /we reviewed and accept the Pet Record Document and agree to complete the required medical as indicated.

Permit Saving One Life to use, for promotional purposes, photographs taken during the adoption finalization of the above-mentioned cat and any picture of this animal I/we provide to Saving One Life.

By signing below, I/we affirm that: I/we will abide by this legally binding adoption contract; I am/We are at least 18 years of age; I/we either own my home or have specific permission from the landlord / owner to keep this and any current pets in my possession; and I/we will keep the above-mentioned cat in my/our home and not give as a gift or rehome to anyone. Failure to comply may result in monetary damages of up to $1,000.


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Signed by Carrie Neidorf
Signed On: December 9, 2022

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