Itsa’s Story

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Itsa’s Story

Itsa's Story

"I was so hungry all the time but I just couldn't get the food to get into my tummy no matter how hard I tried."  ~ Itsa

Born:  September 20, 2016

Diagnosis:  Vascular Ring Anomaly

Treatment: Major Surgery to severe splinter vessel to eliminate constriction of esophagus

Medical Costs:  $3300


Hi there, my name is Itsa. My life started off a little rough. I was scared and hungry, stuck in a storm drain at a construction site. Miraculously, a kind worker found me and saved me. Since entering my foster home through Saving One Life, I’ve been spoiled by my foster mom and I realize how lucky I am to not be on the streets.

Even though I love my foster mom, I am sad because I haven’t felt so good. No matter how slow I eat, I end up throwing up a lot. The only thing I can keep down is really smooth, watered down wet food. Although I love my wet food, I love to munch on some kibble but I just can’t. My foster mom noticed this too so she took me to the vet. The x-rays showed I have a vascular ring anomaly. That didn’t mean a whole bunch to me but the vet explained that there’s a ventricle from my heart that is wrapped around my esophagus and pressing on it which is why I can’t get most food down my throat into my tummy. Thankfully, I am still able to eat.

But, when we went to see the specialist on Wednesday, she told us that I wouldn’t be able to eat in a few weeks. You see, as I grow, the ventricle will tighten again my esophagus impeding my ability to eat and breathe and eventually killing me. But, I don’t want to die. And, there’s a way I can live a nice long life… Surgery. The nice lady surgeon vet said she was confident that the surgery could remedy the issue, leaving me with minimal effects but we have to do it soon.

So, Saving One Life scheduled my surgery for Wednesday, December 14, 2016. But, this surgery isn’t exactly in their budget. It is a bit expensive… $3,300. So, I am asking for you to help save me by donating to my surgery. All funds donated will go towards my surgery and anything extra will go into the Austin Family Tails of Hope Medical Fund for other kitties who have major medical challenges in the future. You can learn more about this amazing fund by visiting

Anyway, back to my surgery. Please help save my life. I really want to have the joy of a forever home. Oh, even better, all funds donated are tax deductible. So, please go to

Thanks so much for saving my life. Please give your kitty an extra snuggle for me.

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