Raggedy Ann’s Story

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! "I have never felt so much love. For the first time, I know what it is like to be loved. I can eat without pain and feel so much better!"  ~ Raggedy Ann My foster mom tells me that it wasn’t my mommies fault. That animal hoarding is part of a disease and that without treatment, can just get worse. Many people who hoard animals, do in fact love their animals, they just become overwhelmed. They also are in denial [...]

Body Slam Bob vs Kitchen Faucet

Body Slam Bob isn't just a WWF Kitty Champion. He is ready to take on his next rival...the kitchen faucet. Watch him as he goes head to head with the running water.  Posted by Saving One Life on Wednesday, September 21, 2016


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! "I am so happy! I can now run and play and do all the things other kitties can do!"  ~ Arya Arya visited Dr. Stier every few weeks to check the medical intervention was helping at all.  Arya had to be on daily medication which was specifically shown to treat mycoplasma.  The hope was that it would keep the infection from creating more havoc in her small body (1.7 lbs).  But surgery was inevitable…or was it?  After several weeks, the [...]


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! "Now when I wink, it means I am happy and content, not ouch it hurts!"  ~ Felis Felis was in constant discomfort. Hair was scratching his eye at all times.  This surgery gave Felis relief from pain.  It required tremendous precision and skill on the part of the doctor.  Since the surgery, Felis is healing well and appreciates the hair no longer being anywhere near his eye. Felis's Story "Ouch…There’s something in my eye.  I need your help to make it stop [...]