Foster Stories

Fostering An Expectant Momma Kitty – Kita’s Story

Fostering a Pregnant Cat for the First Time A few weeks ago I decided it was time to try fostering a pregnant kitty, so I brought home Kita.  I have been fostering 4+ week old kittens for Saving One Life for the past year, so this was going to be an entirely new experience for me. Preparing the Nest The first thing we needed was a “nest” for Kita [...]

A Mother’s Journey – Part 5

All my little ones have their eyes on! They are getting more stable on their feet and starting to get curious about the surroundings. Their ears are also all the way uncurled and open. Im starting to feel little sharp things as they nurse. They still spend many hours sleeping as they grow stronger and bigger each day. Im trying to take advantage of each passing day with them. Its hard for a momma to watch her babies [...]

A Mother’s Journey – Part 4

My babies are starting to wiggle and wobble on their little feet. They climb on and around me and their siblings. Two of them are starting to open their eyes and experience the world around them. They still love to huddle together to keep warm. Even though they are growing quickly, they still depend on me for their source of food and warmth. I love watching them grow and reach new milestones with each passing week. I heard that [...]

A Mother’s Journey – Part 3

I have the best babies, but doesn't every mom say that! These precious little ones are nursing like they should be with no complications. My foster mom says that I am such a good mom. I make sure all of them are eating, I clean them and there is nothing else in this world like them. They love to snuggle under my legs and around my neck. They are already starting to grow with each passing day. I have [...]

A Mother’s Journey – Part 2

A mothers love is unconditional and runs deep. A mom will do anything to make sure her babies have the best chance of survival. Within a few days of finding water, food and shelter, my foster mom welcomed the four precious babies I was carrying into this world. Oh, how beautiful they are!! Each one with their own special markings and colors. I will do my best to take care of them with the help of my foster mom. [...]

A Mother’s Journey – Part 1

This is a journey about my life, about survival, hope, beauty, and love. My name is Elizabeth and I came from a place where I had to fight to survive on a daily basis. I lived in the desert among many predators such as other cats, coyotes and whatever else was wandering around. I had to hunt for my food until I was lucky enough to end up on the driveway of a special lady. She took me in [...]

I Could Never Foster; I Would Never Give Them Up! – Part Two

By: Brianne Oh boy, was I wrong! After saying goodbye to Panda and Sweetie, I had sworn off fostering. My heart was just too fragile to ever do that again. Or so I thought. Panda and Sweetie didnt last long on the adoption floor, because they had been socialized and grew up in a home environment. They actually settled in very easily into their new homes. For my husband and me, we were off to Yuma, AZ. A new duty station [...]

I Could Never Foster; I Would Never Give Them Up! – Part One

By: Brianne Growing up, I always had cats around. In fact, one of my first words was cat. I got my first cat when I was two, Bobo. She taught me compassion for animals and my love for all things feline. I had her until I was sixteen years old and I have been surrounded by cats ever since. I fell in love with felines so much. I was blessed with the opportunities to go to Africa multiple times to [...]