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It’s Raining Rescue Kittens in Phoenix & We Need Your Help!

It's Raining Rescue Kittens in Phoenix & We Need Your Help!

That's right, the kittens are coming! Although it may sound sweet and downright adorable the reality is far from a happy occasion because it means it is breeding season for the unspayed stray and feral female cat population in Phoenix.
Soon these felines will be pregnant and bringing kittens into the world without a home or safe place to give birth.
It also means that [...]

Feeding and Caring for Feral Cat Colonies in Phoenix

In an ideal world, every feline would have a loving, forever home to enjoy every day of their lives. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world and it isn’t always possible or practical for the feral felines in need here in the Phoenix area to find a forever home.

What is a Feral Feline?

A feral feline is an undersocialized domestic cat or kitten. They tend to be fearful of people and [...]

Fostering An Expectant Momma Kitty – Kita’s Story

Fostering a Pregnant Cat for the First Time

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to try fostering a pregnant kitty, so I brought home Kita. 
I have been fostering 4+ week old kittens for Saving One Life for the past year, so this was going to be an entirely new experience for me.

Preparing the Nest

The first thing we needed was a “nest” for Kita [...]