About Us

Who We Are

samSaving One Life is a volunteer run cat rescue and sanctuary based in the east valley of Arizona. We are a truly no-kill rescue providing hospice care for our cats with terminal illnesses.

Mission Statement

At Saving One Life, our mission is:

  • To provide shelter and medical care to stray, abandoned, and surrendered felines for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes who were?at great risk for euthanasia.

  • To participate in the greater communitys effort to reduce overpopulation by providing TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) opportunities.

  • To provide education regarding the need to spay and neuter pets, vaccinate yearly and other responsibilities related to being a pet parent.

Who We Serve

We save cats and kittens of all types including but not limited to: purebred cats, semi-feral kittens, underweight kittens, nursing mother cats, cats with behavioral problems, and severe medical cases when we have funding to do so.

  • Kittens and cats within Arizona, primarily from Maricopa County or Yuma that are on the euthanasia lists.

How We Help

Services We Provide to Our Cats Prior to Adoption

  • Behavioral Assessment

  • Spaying or Neutering

  • Vaccinations

  • Initial deworming

  • Testing for FeLV / FIV (as age appropriate)

  • Microchipping

Where We Are

Rescue Efforts

Our rescue cats are cared for in a loving foster home prior to being placed at our adoption center. We have three adoption centers?located throughout the east valley.

Who We Work With

We are fortunate to work with a variety of agencies and veterinarians in the valley. The majority of our animals are cared for by two veterinarian clinics:

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