In Need

December 2016

Itsa’s Story

Itsa’s Story

“I was so hungry all the time but I just couldn’t get the food to get into my tummy no matter how hard I tried.”  ~ Itsa

Born:  September 20, 2016
Diagnosis:  Vascular Ring Anomaly
Treatment: Major Surgery to severe splinter vessel to eliminate constriction of esophagus
Medical Costs:  $3300

Hi there, my name is Itsa. My life started off a little rough. I was scared and hungry, stuck in a storm drain at a construction site. Miraculously, a kind worker found me and saved […]

August 2016

Butterscotch’s Story

Butterscotch’s Story

“I want to run and jump like all the other kitties.”  ~ Butterscotch

Born:  December 5, 2015
Diagnosis:  Grade 4 Bilateral Patellas
Treatment: Surgery
Medical Costs:  $2,300.00

Beautiful, loving and kind-hearted Butterscotch has a huge heart, loves    adventure and a determination to be like all the other kitties.  But he can’t.  He has limited mobility due to his congenital knee problem in both hind legs.  Currently, he can take a few steps and then sits down.  He cannot run.  He cannot jump.  But he sure […]


Anastasia’s Story

“I want to eat kitty food like everyone else but when I do it just comes out my nose.  Then, I end up with an infection.”  ~ Anastasia

Born:  March 1, 2016
Diagnosis:  Cleft Palate
Treatment: Surgery
Medical Costs:  $1000

Anastasia came to the rescue as a premature kitten found abandoned in a sewer drain.    Early on, it was discovered she has a cleft palate which means that despite being over 4 months old, she has to be bottle fed.  She was a Austin Family […]